Maui Adult Day Care Centers Annual Caregivers Walk

Maui Adult Day Care Centers provide a social, therapeutic, memory care, daytime
program for frail, elderly individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or related
forms of dementia , as well as, for adults who are physically and/or mentally challenged.
Maui Adult Day Care Centers provides support throughout Maui County to family caregivers by offering monthly support groups, quarterly workshops and ongoing support counseling.

The money raised will...

  • ✓  Help support the Weekday Programs , Saturday & Sunday Respite Programs ,
    Sun Downing /Friday Night Social Program & the High-Functioning /Intergenerational Program located at the Ocean View/Nisei Veterans Memorial Center.

  • ✓  Help to keep the cost to families and caregivers to a minimum .

  • ✓  Assist with the continuation of MADCC monthly caregiver support groups , quarterly workshops & counseling sessions.

  • ✓ Help provide funding for MADCC scholarships for those individuals in financial need.

Thank Brian, Laura, Allan, Bridget, Ronelle and Anne Marie for participating. Looking forward to the walk in 2021