Our club, The Rotary Club of Maui supports The Rhino Foundation. 
Rhinos are a critically endangered species. South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s rhinos. Every 8 hours a rhino is killed in South Africa. In the next 6-8 years it is highly likely that all wild rhinos will be extinct.  The Rhino Foundation is an independent, registered non-profit local conservation organization, situated in the Bushveld province of Limpopo, South Africa. They care for and protect more than 1800 rhinos in Southern Africa (that is 20% of the entire world’s white rhino population). No rhinos under their care and protection have been poached (the illegal killing of rhino for their horn) for the past 3 years.  All the rhinos under their care and protection are wild free ranging rhinos and not kept in small enclosures. Their African Rhino Conservancy (ARC) project breeds almost 20% of all new white rhinos born in the world. They also have a rhino orphanage that currently cares for 49 rhino calves.

Their focus areas are:

  1. Sustainable rhino conservation

  2. Disruption of criminal networks

  3. Rhino care and wellness

  4. Education and awareness

  5. Strategic relationships & engagement

  6. Scientific development and research

They believe that the only way a species is saved from extinction, is if there are more births than deaths.

Due to the current Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic gripping the world, donations from the donor community have severely decreased. This has placed these 1800 vulnerable and critically endangered rhinos and orphans under immense pressure. Please contact Francois Du Plessis  francois@therhinofoundation.com for more information on how you support the efforts of the Rhino Foundation.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Anne Marie Studer Bondergaard